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Online Processes

Request and manage documents remotely.

The digital user experience allows you to make life easier for your customers since they can move forward in their online requests, without the need to pay for transportation to local office, either send documents by courier or waste time moving from one place to another.

Credit Policy Settings

Make different processes of requests according to user target market to allow your customers to progress request remotely!

Different credit policies can be connected to different types of commercial agreements and with different types of conditions.

Electronic signature

Application that allows e- signatures from online devices to facilitate users to authenticate legal documents to complete credit application all online.

Increase the security of you’re on-boarding process with biometrics, fingerprint touch ID and iris recognition.

Customers and associates requesting products and services from home or office. Automatic or manual process flows per policy settings.

Give your customers a modern experience that in turn allows you to save on operating costs.

Connect shops of interest to improve your customers’ experience.

Quick product lunch and customization of credit policies.

It does not require buying additional software and allows you to enjoy new updates at no additional cost.

It does not require buying additional software and allows you to enjoy new updates at no additional cost.

More services

Mobile Banking

Financial mobile services such as credit request, payments instore location and e-commerce, mobile wallet, peer to peer among others.

100% digital credit management

Requests, score analysis (datascoring), approval and disbursement of credit in minutes

Admin Portal Web

Product / service management, account statements, payments, transfers and rebuy.

Start your FINTECH transformation and take the Big step to the new era of digital finance

In 2Transfair we are willing to provide you with the necessary advice so that you can offer better and innovative financial services to your associates, a commercial representative will attend all your questions and concerns that you have about our products or services of interest.

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