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We build transactional blockchain technology to transform the way the world does business

2Transfair is a technology company that provides Blockchain solutions and services for the financial industry (FINTECH), that is, both for the user segment and for companies (B2B or B2C).

We have first taken the complete challenge to build the best and largest transactional highway, that allows an increase in operational efficiency, on a simpler ecosystem with a lower cost transit.

The 2Transfair transactional Blockchain platform support processes of any industry or business model.

2Transfair transactional platform based on blockchain helps different companies, regardless of their industry, size or state of the art. They are not necessarily financial transactions, but also based on productivity, logistics, identity, inventory among others.

We transform traditional companies into high impact FINTECH companies, using the latest blockchain technologies.

Our cloud solution is customized to serve the B2B or B2C corporate financial market.

Grow as your customers request it, by using cutting-edge Blockchain technology.

Do not hesitate on contacting us if you feel in need of moving toward a more digital business environment and look into the future.

Now you can benefit from the solutions of the future, today!

Our achievements

Recognition and direct relationship with the main mentors, actors and accelerators of FINTECH technology in Latin America as important as Start-UP Chile, Google Launchpad and Colombia FINTECH

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Increase the security of you’re on-boarding process with biometrics, fingerprint touch ID and iris recognition.

Customers and associates requesting products and services from home or office. Automatic or manual process flows per policy settings.

Give your customers a modern experience that in turn allows you to save on operating costs.

Connect shops of interest to improve your customers’ experience.

Quick product lunch and customization of credit policies.

It does not require buying additional software and allows you to enjoy new updates at no additional cost.

It does not require buying additional software and allows you to enjoy new updates at no additional cost.

Start your FINTECH transformation and take the Big step to the new era of digital finance.

In 2Transfair we are willing to provide you with the necessary advice so that you can offer better and innovative financial services to your associates, a commercial representative will attend all your questions and concerns that you have about our products or services of interest.

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